Monday, 6 July 2009

Voices For A Better World - the gig!

On Wednesday 1st July, the choir took to the O2 stage along with 4,700 other people to perform 34 Beatles songs in the Voices For A Better World concert. It was an excellent day of rehearsals followed by a great concert. Photos to follow, but for now here's a couple of videos. Poor sound and visuals - they're probably from mobile phone footage - clips from official DVD to follow in a later post. Click here to buy the DVD!

Here's 'Get Back'. If you look at the people in orange t-shirts closely, you'll see the Welling choir in the back 4 rows!

Here's Ellie's solo in 'Let It Be', sung with Kway of 'I'd Do Anything' fame. At this point in the concert, a drama of John Lennon being shot had just been played out and the lights went out as he was shot... then all the performers lit a torch and the pair begin to sing. Spine-tingling stuff, I think you'll agree!

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